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Finale Ligure, the Mecca of Mountain Bike!

we all know this place as a maritime tourist destination, but not everyone knows that it is a real destination for many bikers from all over the world!

An endless network of paths, we have traced a circular route that includes most of the most beautiful trails ever, with crazy views and breathtaking trails!

At the end of the tour we will go to Finalborgo, it is one of the four villages that make up Finale Ligure and has been reviewed as one of the most beautiful Ligurian villages in Italy in 2004.

Closed between medieval walls that are still well preserved, interspersed with semi-circular towers and interrupted only by the gates, Finalborgo , in addition to being one of the best preserved historical centers of the Savona area, immediately offers the visitor a feeling of protection and meditation.

Inside the walls, there is a network of streets arranged perpendicularly between them that create fascinating views . Among narrow alleys and small squares, the charm of Finalborgo is also due to the " Pietra del Finale ", the slate that adorns doors, is modeled in columns, diamonds and ornaments.

Two souls coexist within this village: a noble one, represented by fifteenth-century and Renaissance buildings and a more lively, popular one, made up of shops and craft shops . In fact Finalborgo had the greatest development during the Middle Ages, when it was the capital of the Marquisate of Finale, ruled by the Del Carrettos and under Spain (XVIIth century).

DIFFICULT 4 out of 5 (read tour difficulty)


€50.00 Regular Price
€35.00Sale Price
    • KM: 27
    • DIFFERENCE: 650 mt +
    • INDEX OF DIFFICULTY: 4 out of 5
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