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Introducing our Team!

Our team of expert guides is ready to satisfy all your needs. We are passionate about bike adventures, each specializing in different types of travel and destinations. Whether you want to reach distant places or leave for a nearby destination, we think of everything to avoid the stress of the organization.

Whatever your need, we will be able to help you. Contact us and start planning your adventure right away.

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Giuseppe Catino

Mountain Bike Guide

Giuseppe has years of experience on his bike, madly in love with mountain bikes, finisher of various stage races and long distance marathon, a real specialist!

Always looking for new trails around Italy and abroad.

Very reliable person, excellent adaptation to any condition, his experience at your service!

Gabriele Catino

Mountain Bike Guide

Gabriele is a mountain bike and cycling enthusiast in general, precise and fussy, specialized in the mechanics of the medium.

He likes being in contact with nature, reliable and sympathetic, will make you spend unique days cycling!

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